I know you need my love more than anyone-
But from experience, I also know boys like you don’t make it easy.
I watch your soul leave your body all the time;
I think it’s looking for mine.
We’re dancing on a thin line between “lovers” & “just friends”,
And I know how this usually ends,
But not loving you seems like more of a risk…
And I know we could be content with our hands accidentally touching,
as we laugh about our past on a park bench,
But I’d rather you mean to grab it.
So here I am, contemplating holding your hand like I’ve held my feelings for you,
But what if we drop it?
What if we ruin all that we’ve been?
But what if we don’t?
What if we’re meant?
You’ve got tired eyes & I’ve got anxious lips.
I want to kiss you now more than ever-
I know you’re worth the risk.
My favorite song right now is Fools by Lauren Aquilina (via caramelcoatedxxxtacy)